Wednesday, May 22, 2013


It’s Wednesday! Let’s see what’s on the menu this week:

Much of the same from last week, but a few minor tweaks here and there.
M1: Buckwheat and barley porridge with some coconut oil melted on top J Still loooooving this. Each and every morning.

M2: Yam, oats and egg bake, again with coconut oil melted on top. Also very, very yummy. Recipe to be posted soon.
M3: Tilapia and spinach salad with yams, asparagus and beans and hemp hearts on top. This week I have also been dressing it was some raw apple cider vinegar for an extra kick.
M4: Apple and almond butter. Sweet and simple.
M5: Tilapia, brown rice and veggies. My post workout fuel.
M6: Yogurt, casein and fruit. I’ve been doing all sorts of combos on this. Tonight it was with vanilla casein and the other half of my apple (with some egg white “chocolate sauce”). Such a delicious late night snack packed full of protein.
Only eleven more sleeps to the next show (!!). I have really been pushing myself through my workouts, increasing weights, and really repping it out. My energy is high, and the motivation is there. I’m feeling strong both physically and mentally, and I am super excited for what’s up next. Peak week in 3, 2, 1…

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