Saturday, May 25, 2013

Things I Thought I'd Never Say, Do or Hear

It’s the weekend (insert multiple smiley faces here). This weekend marks one week out from my next competition- the IDFA BC Classic on June 2. Here I am again facing peak week, excited to see what’s in store. So far, for my past two shows, things have been different each time. For the first show, I was given a pretty detailed list of food options for the week leading up to the show, with different things eliminated each day. For example, protein powder was dropped a few days before the show, then certain vegetables, then oats. On the day of the show, I was pretty much only eating yams, tilapia and asparagus, and an assortment of healthy fats (all of which I was still really enjoying). My water consumption also changed throughout the week and then was eventually cut off the day before the show. And training stopped four days before the show.

For the last show I did in May, my food options remained the same and my carbs and fats increased in the days leading up to the show. Weight training went right up to two days before the show, but cardio was cut almost at a week out. Who knows what it will be like this time? I’ve already been given a couple changes- one being cardio every day… and splitting cardio from weights… which means hitting the gym twice a day. I never thought I’d be doing that, but I am and I will. Let’s see what happens.
All these changes, trying new things and learning as a go has been interesting. Without even realizing it, I’ve been taking little steps, tweaking things here and there, which has slowly, but surely, led to a major lifestyle change. Sometimes, I’ll do or say something, catch myself, and realize how far I’ve come (or how crazy I’ve gotten). For example, in one of my last posts, I mentioned that after taking a bite of chocolate backstage at the NPAA show I said, “Oh my god! I forgot how good chocolate tasted!” Seriously, those words from my mouth?? I’m a chocolate-holic! Which, I thought I kept under wraps pretty good, but I guess the secret is out!
A crossword someone at work put together.
The clue for 5 Down: Chocolateholic, but you would never know it.
The answer: Jen 
Other things I have started doing that I never thought I would is lugging all my workout gear to work every day so I can hit the gym on the way home and waking up early on the weekends (and enjoying it!) to get to the gym. Here are some other examples of things I never thought I would say, do or hear:

1. Me: “Mmmm, that bowl of peppers and cucumbers is making my mouth water.” Ha ha ha. Seriously, who says this?? But I did and it does. Now even the thought of biting into a nice crisp and crunchy veggie just makes my mouth water. It’s like nature’s candy :)

2. Me: “No thanks, I’m good” said to a bowl full of Purdy’s chocolates at Easter- and I actually felt fine about it. It would have been easy enough to sneak one, but I know from my past behavior one would have definitely led to two, which would have led to three, which would have led to the whole bowl. I’m an addict. I can’t stop. I know that. Thank god I never did drugs. I seriously believe I would have had a problem.

3. Me: “Hmmm, when was my last rest day?” I have caught myself wondering this out loud. Rest days are extremely important in any training schedule, especially when you are trying to build muscle. Your muscle actually grows when it’s repairing itself, which means it needs rest (and fuel) to do so. It’s not that I don’t want rest days (I love having that little extra time), it’s just that I get into my routine (work, gym, eat, sleep) and forget to stop. It’s just become habit and I have to remind myself to stop and schedule in the rest days. If I don’t think about it, I will just keep going.

4. Me, at the gym: “I’m at the end of the weight rack… I can’t go heavier.” First, let me qualify this statement by saying (a) I go to an all ladies gym, and (b) that gym is in White Rock. The average age at the gym is probably about 65. It’s not like I’m maxing out at Gold’s or something. As I have progressed in my training, and started lifting heavier, I have reached the end of the barbell weight rack though. Well it may be a bit of a milestone, it’s also been a bit of an annoyance because I have had to figure out alternatives, which usually requires me to run to opposite sides of the gym to get in everything I need. Ugh. #weightliftingproblems  

5. Me: “Wow, that Facebook post/ quote/ picture really speaks to me. I want to share.” Ha ha ha. This one gets me every time. In general, I don’t post too much on Facebook (I mainly use it to stalk/ snoop on people- don’t judge, I know you do too) and I am certainly not one to post motivational quotes or share other people’s posts, and used to be annoyed at all the cheesy, clichéd sayings and pictures that would fill up my feed. However, since embarking on this fitness journey, I find myself really inspired by these quotes. All of the sudden they make sense to me. I get it… and I feel the urge to share it. Wha??? What’s happened to me? Where did my cynical, sarcastic self go?? Wait until I start making up my own quotes. Oh god! Here’s a couple samples of ones I like and have the urge to share…


6. My husband: “I started cleaning up the house and the realized, most the mess is yours.” Ha. Yeah, there’s a first time for everything. To say my priorities have changed is an understatement. As I wrote about in a previous post, as things get more intense or closer to a show, other things start to slide- and tidiness is one of those things. For the most part, I can keep up, but lately there have been times when I just need to let some expectations and chores go, and do my best not to let it bother me. This next week will be a bit of a challenge, but so far so good. At last count, there are only 8 yogurt containers in the recycling box waiting to go down, so we’re not at the critical tipping point- yet.

7. Being called an “athlete.” This one is a mind bender. I have never considered myself athletic or fit. As a kid, I wasn’t active (and had no desire to be) and didn’t play sports (I just didn’t get them). Sure, I took dance lessons, and they were fun (mainly for the cool music and fun costumes), but I never, ever considered myself sporty. Even as an adult, I have shied away from playing any sort of sport- competitive or not. No co-ed softball, no beach volleyball, nothing. Since I have started competing however, I have realized that, yes, I am an athlete (although, that took attending my first pre-show “Athletes’ Meeting,” but now I get it). I have a coach and I have team mates. This is a sport. I train and I compete. I am an athlete.  

So, who knows what I might say or do next? Maybe start eating only organic (something that I don’t quite buy into at this point)? Maybe I will start going to the gym 3 times a day (highly unlikely and completely unnecessary)? Or maybe I will start eating red meat (this would astound my friends and family)? If I start eating meat, you’ll know this $#!T is real!


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