Thursday, May 2, 2013

WIAW and Final Prep Push

It’s What IAte Wednesday! Yay! Well, actually, yesterday was Wednesday. Today is Thursday.I just didn’t have the time to post this sooner. Yesterday was also May 1,which, was also my 3rd wedding anniversary. Here’s one of my favoritepictures from 3 years ago:  


I ammarried to one of the most supportive and understanding partners. I am truly blessedto have such an amazing person in my corner, cheering me on as I go. Love youBryan!

Okay,enough with the mushy crap, let’s eat! Here’s what was on the menu for meyesterday:


Here is asdescription of each (from left to right, top to bottom):
  • M1: Oatmealand flax seed with eggs and strawberry chia “jam” topped with melted coconutoil
  • M2: Yam andoat “pancake” (it kinda fell apart in the pan so I just stuffed it all into acontainer) with egg whites and broccoli.
  • M3: Spinachsalad topped with tilapia and veggies with an Udo’s oil dressing
  • M4: Broccolisalad with tilapia, avocado and almonds
  • M5:Chicken, yams (sautéed in coconut oil- yummy!), broccoli and asparagus
  • M6: Frozenstrawberries blended with chocolate casein- like ice cream!

*I also had2 of my pre-workout muffins on the way to the gym (which falls between Meals 4and 5).  

In my lastpost, I mentioned that my food options will slowly be limited up until theshow. This does not mean I am eating less (as you can see). In fact, yesterdayI was told to INCREASE what I was eating. I actually had to add MORE calories(in the form of carbs) to my meals. That was a pleasant surprise, but makessense. The idea is for me to look healthy with full, strong muscles on Sunday.Not skinny and depleted. I know there are many theories/ methods/ plans/approaches people follow in their final week of prep (or even for their wholecompetition prep- like only eating broccoli and fish for 12 weeks, which by theway, just blows my mind- who could do that? Why would you want to?) and I amfortunate to have a coach that believes in eating and proper nutrition. Yes, ifyou saw me eating just one of my meals you may think it’s just a small servingor not enough to fill me up, but I am also eating 7 times through out the day (roughlyevery 2 hours). This is key to increasing your metabolism and feeding yourmuscles. You will also notice that pretty much each meal contains some protein,carbs and healthy fats. Again, balance and nutrients from various sources arekey to nourishing your body. Plus, they all taste delicious J (Seriously, if you have never triedcoconut oil or butter, try it- it tastes amazing and I am not even a bigcoconut fan).
The rest ofmy prep is also going well. Three more sleeps to go (actually, it’s more like2.5 since I will be getting up sooooo early on Sunday)! Only 2 more workoutsleft (one upper body and one lower body), no more cardio (whoo hoo!), allappointments are booked, and the weekend schedule is set.  Cray, cray!
I alsowanted to give a shout out to my coach, Fatima Leite Kusch, who has beennominated for the Coach of the Year Award to be presented at the NPAA show onSunday.

Signing upto train with Fatima has impacted my life in both predictable and unintendedways. With her coaching, I have taken my body and my mind waaaay past what I everthought was possible. I know that this would not have been possible without heror without the amazing team of ladies she has built. In both big and littleways Fatima and every girl on Team Blessed Bodies has helped me achieve my goalof competing- a goal that I was nervous even saying out loud before. I havechanged. I have become more confident, more passionate and more energetic inevery area of my life. I am so proud to be a part of Fatima’s team and can onlyaspire to give back everything that I have received from her and the team. Iknow my future is full of amazing opportunities and possibilities because ofher. As an athlete competing in the show on Sunday, I get my chance to shine onstage (and I can assure you that on Sunday, all the ladies from our team shine!).Fatima deserves that recognition too. She has undoubtedly worked tirelessly forand has earned, at least in my heart, the Coach of the Year Award. Seeing herwork acknowledge on Sunday by receiving the Award would feel like a win for theteam. My fingers are crossed for her!!

Here’s apic of me and Fati at the Bust A Move fundraiser (yeah, she's that awesome):



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