What's This All About?

Wondering what this is all about?? Find out below...


Why food and fitness?

Reasons to be fit #0092: Because I want to be strong, healthy and happy.

Food and fitness are two things that touch on every other aspect of your life. I truly believe food can either be the best medicine for your body, or the slowest form of poison. What you put in is what you will get out. I love food and I love to eat. Even more so, I love eating food that is not only delicious but also good for my body and I love making recipes that are both! You cannot be strong, healthy and happy without the right food.

Reasons to be fit #0039: Because I won’t regret it.

Being fit is an investment in yourself that will never stop paying off. It is something you will take with you anywhere you go. I love fitness and this lifestyle because it’s fun, challenging and provides me with such a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and purpose. And, it’s never over. There’s always something new and something different. New things to try or people to meet and different ways to push yourself or think about something. It’s an individual journey made up of so many different experiences, challenges, and rewards.


Why compete?

Reasons to be fit #0079: To accomplish the goal I thought was unattainable.

For me, competing is not about winning. Competing in fitness competition is a way I can focus my mind and body on becoming stronger. I am not in it to be better than the girl standing next to me. I am in it to be a better me. Since I started competing in July 2012, I have become more determined, more confident and more passionate in every area of my life. Competing has taught be how far I can go and how to keep going. There are many lessons to be learned about life and about myself when setting goals, overcoming doubts and doing things beyond what I thought was possible.

Reasons to be fit #0697: To be better than yesterday and to be even better tomorrow.


Why a blog?

Well, to start, I LOVE MY LIFESTYLE and I want to share it with you!! Since I have started competing and focusing on fitness, I have received a lot of questions about what my diet is like, how much I train and what’s it all about. This blog is one way of answering those questions and sharing what I have learned along the way with others who are interested.  
One a personal level, after thinking about it for years, I finally decided to compete after following Chelle Stratford’s blog Recipe forFitness as she trained for her first competition in the summer of 2011. Having that inside look at her day-to-day experience made it real to me. I want to do the same. The world of body building and fitness competitions is such an interesting little sub-culture. Everyone’s journey to the stage is different, and this is your window in. I also want to hear about yours! Ask me anything, tell me about your story and connect with me online:

Email: mrsbduncs@gmail.com
Twitter: @MrsBDuncs
Instagram: @mrs_bduncs

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  1. You are so inspiring! So glad to have come across your blog!