Saturday, May 4, 2013

This. Is. It. Peak Week, Show Prep and Post-Show Treats

This is it. Peak week has flown by— fast! I can’t believe that it’s only one more sleep away. While there were some modifications with my training and diet, they probably weren’t what you’d expect (I was surprised!) and they weren’t that bad. Training wise, the only changes were no more cardio after Tuesday (whoo hoo!) and reordering the days of my workouts, all of which resulted in a final legs and abs workout Friday morning. Easy peasy. Knowing it was the final workout, I curled, squatted, and pressed the $#!% out of my legs- and it felt good.

Food plan wise, there were very minimal changes to my diet. The biggest difference was the INCREASE in my calories consumed (mainly carbs and fats). An increase!! And, not just once, but twice. Of course, this wasn’t a dramatic addition, and pretty much amounted to an extra wedge of yam, but still, more is more and I’ll take it. The only other alterations I have made have been keeping food choices simple (think yams, tilapia, and asparagus), balancing every meal (with carbs, fats and protein) and making a real effort to eat every 2 hours (to keep that metabolism up). I have also been super diligent about keeping hydrated.
While I am keeping my food choices simple (which mainly just helps me plan, buy and prep what I need), I am also trying to be creative where I can and using the healthy fats to switch things up. Here’s what I have been able to come up with so far:

For my Friday workout:

Pre-workout: Oats, protein powder and egg white pancake
Post-workout: Oat, yam, egg, spinach and protein powder pancake topped with coconut oil (this, was delicious!)

Other meals throughout the day:


Yam and egg white pancake with green beans and chili flakes topped with avocado (again, delicious!)
Spinach and cucumber salad with tilapia and hemp hearts and Udo’s oil dressing

Egg whites with asparagus and yams, topped with coconut butter (which is seriously amazing)

 Pretty much, everything since then has been some sort of combination of the core foods: yams, tilapia and asparagus with different healthy fats (I have many to choose from- avocado, almonds, hemp hearts, Udo’s oil, coconut butter… the list just keeps on going and each can be used to add such a different twist to the dish).

Today was the NPAA Athletes meeting. 
It’s an opportunity for all the athletes competing in the show to check-in (I’m #9!), get more detailed information about the show and pick up some cool swag. For me, it was also an opportunity to meet up with the other girls on the team competing in the show.

I’m so excited to be sharing this experience with these amazing ladies. Seriously, to be standing on stage next to each of them is such an honour. I can’t wait.

At the meeting today, I also learned more about the NPAA (Natural Physiques and Athletics Association). What a great organization! I am so happy I decided to compete in this show. Not only did they create an association with an all-natural and holistic approach to competing and healthy living, but Kevin and Wendy are very just endearing individuals. You could tell they really care about the athletes and creating an enjoyable experience for everyone. I am really looking forward to the show tomorrow, and am even excited for my husband and sister who will be watching as it seems there are even some special treats in store for the audience! NPAA has really created such a positive and warm environment to compete in.      

After the meeting, we had some extra time, so the Mr. and I headed over the Steveston for some lunch and just to spend some time together. What a beautiful day down at the water and what a great opportunity to sit back and enjoy some quality time together. Things have been pretty intense and busy lately, so having this break was nice J

Then it was on to tanning. After going through all of this (the training, the sweating, the check in pictures, and now the tanning) I have no modesty left. Hahaha. I can assure you that every square inch, every square inch, of my body was sprayed (my coach even had to left up my bum cheeks to get under there!). The colour is ridiculous (too ridiculous for pictures), but does look good and does make the muscles pop just that much more. I also know that once on stage and under all the lights it won’t look as crazy. In person though, it’s crazy. I’ve already smudged my chest a bit (stupid seat belt) and sleeping tonight should be interesting. Hahaha. These are the things that make me step back and laugh. Never, in a million years did I think this is something I would be a part of, not that there is anything wrong with it, just not something I’d be doing. These are also the things that make me realize how far I have come and how much I love what I am doing.
I know tomorrow will be a blur. Early morning wakeup call (hair starts at 5:00 am!) and show starts at 9:00am. Once the show starts everything will move quickly… and then it’ll be done… and then it will be time for a treat J Ah, yes, the post-show treat. This is the carrot at the end of the stick that keeps you on track when you wanna fall off. Clearly, for those that know me well, my treat will be chocolate. The last show I had a box of Purdy’s chocolate, and they were delightful!

For this show, I have a little stockpile of chocolate I have collected since Christmas and will definitely be breaking into that stash. And for dinner, I have made reservations at one of my all-time favorite White Rock restaurants, Cielos, and will be eating like a queen. Another round of bruschetta, anyone?

It’s been interesting this time around. I can honestly say that throughout my whole prep I was never really tempted by anything and never had any strong cravings. I had my eye on the prize and was able to shut out everything else. Sure, there were times it was tricky to stick to it (like family gatherings or birthday dinners) but mostly because of the social awkwardness of it, not because of the the temptation. The only time I found myself wistfully staring at something was at Easter dinner. My mom puts together an amazing spread with all the dishes and her stuffing is the best, hands down, the best. That was the only moment I really felt like I was missing out on something, but she promised to make me a full dinner post-show J Problem solved. Now, however, so close to the end, is when it gets a little bit tougher. Those post show treats are so close, I can taste it… and it makes me want more. LOL. See, that’s my problem. I won’t be able to have just one. Like last time, it’ll be the whole box. Hahaha. But each piece will be deliciously deserved. I’ll be sure to post pics.


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