Friday, May 17, 2013

What Happened, What's Up and What's Next

Okay, very belated (like by almost two weeks), but here's what has been going on since my last (non WIAW) post:

1. The Show!!
First, before getting into the details, I have to throw out a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who wished me luck. I was overwhelmed by the support and the really touching messages I received - both pre- and post-show -from friends, family, coworkers and even people I haven't talked to in years. I love and am excited by what I do and knowing that it is inspiring or exciting for other people is just sooooo rewarding. Words cannot describe it. I just feel so blessed. Thank you.

Anyway, back to the deets. Show day was awesome... Despite a ridiculously early start! I was up and at the salon for hair and makeup at 5 am. Ugh. Also, to note, no coffee on show day :( Rough start.
Anyway, in 1.5 hours, I got my hair did, make up on and went from this... this...
I was excited I see how the show would go after the awesome check in meeting the day before. NPAA did a really great job creating such a warm and welcoming environment for the competitors. Things were so calm and chill, but still organized and efficient, backstage. So different than my first show where I was fighting for a sliver of counter space and surrounded by hundreds of other competitors (who, were all nice, but were just always in my space). Plus, 6 other girls from Team Blessed Bodies were there too- and we tore up the stage!! We took trophies is each category- figure, fitness and bikini!- and our coach won an award too (cause she is the bestest)!
Some shots from backstage, with the other ladies, and of my coach:
The bikini girls lined backstage and ready to go out

Bikini booty shot! Can you spot me?? Nope? Good, because I'm not there.

Note that everything is covered in plastic in the dressing rooms so tans don't rub off and ruin anything.

All the TBB ladies with our coach, Fatima!
I personally place 3rd in novice fitness and 2nd in open bikini. Whoot whoot! Not that it's all about the trophies or the placings, but I did have a goal (to do better than last time) in my mind and I achieved it :)

And on that note, again, while placing is great, the real reward for me was standing on stage and feeling good. I felt excited, I felt confident, and I felt like I belonged there. It's funny, because by nature I'm not someone who seeks the spotlight. I'm actually really introverted, fairly shy and quite quiet and I usually don't feel comfortable in a bathing suit at the beach. However, for some reason, I felt good standing on stage, in a teeny tiny bikini while being judged. It's kinda hard to wrap my mind around that. 
And finally, a couple of shots with two of my BIGGEST supporters- my husband and my sister. Seriously, I could not do this is if weren't for them.

Me and the hubby
 Me and my sister :)
2. Post-show treats :)

As I discussed in a previous post the power of the post-show treat. It becomes the carrot at the end of the stick and that first bite is like indulging all your cravings from the past 3 months at the same time. I chose chocolate again, and it was delicious:

I think my exact words were, "Omg, I forgot how good chocolate is!" #thingsineverthoughidsay

I then had the evening to enjoy a nice dinner out. I chose Cielos on the White Rock strip, which was perfect on such a sunny evening :) Here are some shots of the delicious food (and drinks) we enjoyed.
Nothing, nothing, in this world compares to this bruschetta... we ordered two... and I ate most of each!


Followed by a trip to Menchies where I pretty much paid (well, actually Leanne paid) for a bowl of Oreos and peanutbutter cups :) I was in heaven.

3. Post-show plans

As I have mentioned previously, I have another show on June 2 that I am training for. But, to keep things interesting and to keep me on my toes, when presented with the opportunity for a quick post-show trip to Vegas with my sister, I said, "Why not?" With another show 4 weeks out, could I keep it clean in Sin City? Quick answer: yes! But, that deserves a post of it's own... more on that later.

4. Future show plans

The original plan at the beginning of the year was to do NPAA May 5 and then the IDFA show on June 2. Both awesome, but smaller, associations. Good stages to get experience and learn the what's what and then target the bigger shows next season... but then the coach causually mentions that I should consider doing bikini at the WBFF... the WBFF! One of the biggest, most glamourous and most theatrical shows in the industry. To say that stage scares me is an understatement, but to say I won't do it because it scares me is unacceptable. Truth is, I think I can do it, and I think I want to do it. While I may be faced with some challenges leading up to the show (like a stagette in Napa :)) I want to take them on! This will be a whole new prep and will require me to really dig deep to find more of that confidence, that sass and that toughness to really bring it to this stage. And I am ready :)




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