Sunday, September 1, 2013

TBB Does Vegas!!

Last week I went on a trip of a lifetime! Yes, I’ve been to Vegas many times before (for my stagette, with the hubby, with my sister, etc), but this time was different. This I went with my coach and over 20 other beautiful TBB ladies! We came from everywhere! BC, Alberta, Ontario, Rhode Island, and Florida! Some came to compete at the WBFF Worlds show, some came for photo shoots and we all came to support each other. What an amazing team J I may have come home with one less pair of pants (I lost them somewhere out in the desert), one less curling iron, and a couple more pounds, but what a fun/ exciting/ nerve-wracking/ tiring/ once-in-a-lifetime trip! Here’s the breakdown...


Tuesday: Travel day


A week in Vegas requires a lot of prep. In the weeks leading up to the trip, I spent quite a bit of time not only planning out all my outfits (a couple for going out, some for photo shoots, something to wear (and sleep in) post-spray tan, workout gear, bathing suits, etc), but also putting together a meal plan that I could easily prep, execute and transport around Vegas. This meant figuring out what I could (and couldn’t pack) and what I would need to buy there. This also meant figuring out how to get everything into one suitcase. The verdict? Two suitcases. In any case, after paying more ridiculous “extra fees” on top of my “cheap” Allegiant flight, we were off!! I travelled down with two of my lovely teammate, Brandi and Ami J Once we got to Vegas and settled into the hotel room, we took a cab over to Whole Foods, which, conveniently, is just past the end of the strip, and picked up some fresh produce and protein for the week. Back in the room, we all did some food prep, went to the gym to get our cardio in, and then all passed out by 10. I know, crazy night in Vegas.

Tuesday: Travel day! Food is always the top priority!

Wednesday: Settling in

I pretty much had Wednesday to myself since, unlike many of the other ladies, I wasn’t doing any shoots that day. It was nice to sleep in a bit, hit the gym for some weights and cardio, prep more food, and then spend some time down at the pool. It gave me a chance just to slow down, rest up and prepare for a busy Thursday.

Wednesday- Settling in. Gym, food and sun-- everything I need in life :)


Thursday: What this has all been about

This was it! This is what I had been working toward. This was the ultimate goal! A shoot with Paul Buceta. Paul. Buceta. Open any issue of Oxygen magazine and you’ll see his name and pictures on every page. He is, without a doubt, one of the best fitness photographers in the world… and I got to shoot with him J

Thursday was a crazy day though! First, it was over to the Aria to get hair and makeup done by the fabulous ladies of 2 Chicks and Some Lipstick. Lori and Valeria were so much fun! It was such a pleasure just to meet them both, let alone get my hair and makeup done by them.

Then, it was out to the desert for a group shoot. Despite being to Vegas countless times, I realized I had never even been too far off the strip before. This was such a great opportunity to really get out there and see the desert. It was stunning. And, with storm clouds and lightening in the background (luckily we didn’t get rained on), the landscape was breath taking. After getting in a few different shots, it was time to load up and get back to the hotel for the shoot with Paul.

I didn’t know what to expect, but it all unfolded nicely J First off, he’s awesome. It was really easy to feel comfortable in front of the camera with him behind it. The time went by fast and I got some really great shots. I also definitely had the, Is this seriously my life right now?? Never in my wildest dream would I have thought I would have had this opportunity to shoot with Paul. It has inspired and motivated me to keep pushing, to keep at it, and to keep dreaming. I will shoot with him again, and next time I will come back bigger and better. I told him so.

Thursday: Photo shoot shots!

After the shoot, Ami and I celebrated by going out for a couple delectable little treats- champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, and chocolate covered pretzels. Damn you, Jean Philippe Patisserie, you will be the end of me. I also celebrated with a protein pancake covered in an unmeasured amount of Nuttzo and bananas. Cray cray!!

Then, that night, all the ladies (who weren’t competing the next day) went out for a night out on the town! Whoo hoo hoo!


Thursday: Post-photo shoot treats :)


Friday:  Rest and recovery

With all the scheduled shoots out of the way, Friday was a bit of a rest and recovery day for me. Again, I spent it sleeping in, hitting the gym and then laying by the pool. In essence, the perfect vacation day for me.

Friday: Rest and recovery

Friday was also awesome because the hubby was coming down to join me J J Yay! I was so happy to see him. He support me so much and we have both been so crazy and busy with just everything that has been going on this summer that it was nice to have a little time out and spend some time together. Obviously this time together involved a couple of treats. Upon his arrival we had crab cakes, pizza, wine and, for be, a nice big bowl of frozen yogurt and candy J Hahaha, some things never change.


Saturday: Show day!

One of the original reasons behind the trip in the first place was the WBFF Worlds show. This is one of the biggest shows of its kind with competitors from all around the world! I was excited to not only cheer on my teammates competing, but also to see all of the other fitness models that I have been following in the magazines and online over the years. I watched the show in amazement. The guys (omg, the guys!) and the girls!! Wow. Just the dedication and hard work represented on that stage was inspiring. And this isn’t just any old show, this is one of the biggest and the best. There’s the glitziest of the glitzy bikinis, sparkly evening gowns and even theme wear. Wow! Everything over the top and spectacular. Watching the show made me start thinking about my own competition plans… Hmmm…

Saturday: Show day! Pics from the WBFF Worlds

I also got to meet Andreia Brazier. She has been one of my biggest fit-spirations over the year. And, there she was. She also placed first :)

Sunday: Pool party!

Sunday was spent poolside (and in the pool) at Wet Republic. After months of prepping, and food plans and training, it was time party it up VIP style! The afternoon was filled with a little drinking, some dancing and a lot of fun. I love these ladies!!

Sunday: Funday!! Me with the hubby, my coach, a big bottle of vodka and some teammates
More Sunday Funday! Me with Paul Buceta, and teammates Heather and Ami. I heart these ladies!!

After a nap and cleaning ourselves up a little, the hubby and I went out for a very nice dinner at Gordon Ramsay’s Steakhouse. That Gordon Ramsay, I’ll tell ya, he knows a thing or two about running a nice restaurant. He should think about getting his own show (or four). Seriously, I cannot say enough great things about the amazing experience we had at the restaurant. Every detail, every morsel of food, everything, was just divine! I even ordered off menu (I’m not a meat person), and had a “vegetarian wellington.” It was superb!

Sunday Dinner: Sooooo good!


Monday: Leaving Las Vegas

After stocking up on a couple more off-plan treats (in the form of candy) for the plane ride, Monday was spent traveling home. We ended the vacation with one more dinner out, sushi, and then got right back at it.


Up next!

Tuesday I fell right back into my routine, prepped all my meals and got back to the gym. Vegas was fun, but I am happy to be back at it.

Competition wise, I am still figuring it out. I’m probably, probably, done for this year. When I compete again, I was to come with something different. I want to come back with something bigger and better. I’m learning that this takes time. Time I’ve got. I am committed to keep at it and see where I end up.

Training and diet wise, I’m keeping up with that too. Some people have asked me if I’m “taking a break” or “easing up a bit.” Breaking from what? I love what I am doing and how it makes me feel. Yep, it can be a lot of work planning and preparing and sometimes it’s nice to have a break from all of that, but a break from training and eating clean?? No way! My body and my mind are craving it. Putting in this time and effort to properly fuel and condition my body is treating it. I want to keep at it. I need to keep at it.

Other plans? This summer has just been so busy. From moving, to Napa, to Chicago and then Vegas, the past couple of months have been a whirlwind! Moving into the fall things should start to calm down a bit more and I really want to focus on building a bigger and better me. What does that mean? Well, a couple different things, but nothing that I am ready to reveal yet. Something has started, and this is only the beginning. I can’t wait to see what’s up next! If anyone had told me what this past year was going to be like 12 months ago, I wouldn’t have believed it. That makes me excited to see what will happen next!!



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