Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bad Habits

As hard as I try to be good (I’m a people pleaser by nature, which I am desperately trying to overcome), sometimes I’m bad. As pointed out in a comment on my last post, I have a bad habit. A very bad habit. A habit that is unhealthy and even dangerous. I microwave my food in plastic containers- a lot. Often a few times a day. The worst part, I know this is bad. I know all about BPAs and that chemicals can seep into my food. I’ve seen the Facebook posts and rants and links about how horrible plastic containers and drinking from plastic bottles can be (I do that too- eek!). So why do I do it? Convenience (read: laziness), I guess. And that’s not a good excuse. #noexcuses, right? So what am I going to do about it?? Well, as a start, I am certainly going to make a better effort to microwave my food on glass dishes. That seems easy enough. And, I might also look into investing in a set of glass containers that I can use to pack and store all my meals in... Although that would mean even more heavy stuff to lug around L See?? Laziness, again. That’s not an excuse. In any case, if anyone has any suggestions of what brands are good or where to buy some glass containers, lemme know. And thank you, Mrs. Anonymous, for making me aware of this bad habit :)

And, while we are on the topic, I thought I’d share another one of my bad habits… (and, clearly, I have many others, but let's not get carried away here). I have noticed lately I have become fairly addicted coffee. Actually, that’s not even it. I’m not ‘addicted’ per se, more just obsessed (although, how can you not be when there’s a Starbucks in your face around every corner… literally?). I can function without it (well, I am definitely dependent on that first cup in the morning – I do need that – but for the rest of the day I am fine and usually just get a decaf anyway), but for some reason, I always want it. And I think, aside from it being a delicious and dreamy beverage (mmmm, coffee), I’m using it as either a distraction (i.e. “I need a break, let’s go get a cup of coffee”) or as a replacement for other treats since coffee is so satisfying and fits easily into my meal plan (I drink it black with no sweetener). Sure, it’s not the worst thing in the world (aside from the expense- $4 for a grande (of course it would have to be a grande) Americano?? That adds up fast!), but it is a mindless (bad) habit. Something I do without even thinking about. I could also be replacing that habit with something healthier, like just drinking water and saving money. Huh, what a novel concept. Ha!
How can something this nice be bad for me??
The good news is, however, good habits can form just like bad habits J There are many things that I have started doing over the past year that took a little while to get into, but now are just things I do mindlessly. For example, packing my gym clothes with me, every day, no matter where I go. It just makes it easier. Or taking my food with me, every day, no matter where I go. It used to be one of those things that made me feel a little awkward, but now I’m whipping containers (damn it, those plastic containers) where ever I go. On the bus, on the ferry, at the gym, at family dinners, and even at the baseball game (true story, see the pic below… it was actually a whole purse of food).
On the ferry

At the gym

In my purse
I don’t even care. #whateverittakes I do it without even thinking about it now. Just like those small bad habits, these repetitive small good habits will make a difference.
What kind of difference are you making?

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  1. Hi Jen I'm not sure if this posted properly on fb. I'll post here just in case. I use corning ware (or however it's spelled). I got containers at their Burlington outlet. I have also seen glass container sets at TJ Maxx and Canadian Tire. Mrs. Anonymous aka Nat