Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WIAW and the Downward Spiral (in a good way!) to the Show

It’s Wednesday!! Here’s a peek at what I ate:

I worked from home today which gave me a little bit of flexibility in terms of my meals (I could actually make something fresh!) so I ate a little off my menu plan for the week (but still within my nutritional requirements). My meals were:
  • Pre-work out: Chocolate protein muffins
  • Post-weights/ pre-cardio (not shown): Yogurt with vanilla protein powder and yam
  • Meal 3: Buckwheat and barley porridge with a side of scrambled egg (my new #favouritething! OMG so good together with a little coconut oil. A little sweet, a little savoury and super satisfying)
  • Meal 4: Mixed veggie salad topped with a tilapia and balsamic dressing with a drizzle of Udo’s oil
  • Meal 5: Half an apple and half a grapefruit with almond and coconut butter
  • Meal 6: Mexican stir fry with chicken and a chili cilantro yogurt topping
  • Meal 7: Yogurt with vanilla casein and berries
Everything has been so delicious! Since I am now 11 days out from the show, I know my diet will be tightening up over the next week and half and my beloved yogurt is going to be cut. Booooooo! But it’s only temporary. I know I can make it.

With things getting a bit crazier with my training and food plan over the past couple of weeks, other things in my life have started to slide and it’s beginning to show (I talked about the decline of my physical appearance in my last post). At work, I’m okay. I can keep up. Everything else, not so much. My awesome mother-in-law does my taxes (yes, I’m very lucky- not only do I have in-laws that I love, they also do my taxes :P). All I have to do is drop off all my slips- do you think I could manage that on time? No. Do you think that once I got her my things I actually got her everything she needed? No. Do you think I could find what was missing? Yes, actually, plus I found other things that had been missing, so bonus! House cleaning is another thing that has fallen completely off my radar. While I can (kinda) handle the must dos (like laundry), other things, like vacuuming, are not happening. At all. Recycling? Don’t even ask! Tonight, since it was literally spilling out of the storage room,I finally went through the recycling to organize things to take down to the blue bins. Guess how many yogurt containers were in there? 19. How many tuna cans? 13. How many strawberry baskets? 12. Plus, piles of paper, milk cartons and cans. Ai, yi, yi! How did it get like this?? Disorganization and messiness stress me out, so I have had to learn to just ignore and let it go. Priorities, right? Living in filth isn’t that bad, is it? All a part of the process. Just a day at a time.


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