Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday

Ugh, my hatred for mornings is only made worse by the rain. And, today, it’s so wet, windy and cold. Really though, that should never come as a surprise. Of course it’s wet, windy and cold- it's Vancouver! However, even in the rain, Vancouver is full of beauty and colour.
The other good thing? It’s Wednesday! In the spirit of WIAW, here’s what was on the menu for me today:
I didn’t post my full meal plan for this week because it was so similar to last week’s plan, but here it is in full.
Menu Item
M1: Breakfast
Barley and buckwheat porridge.
Served with a spoonful of apple sauce.
M2: Snack
Tuna baked with egg whites and oats served on a salad of avocado and broccoli.
Spiced up with a hit of siracha sauce.
M3: Lunch
Yam and chickpea chicken curry.
This has been really tasty! Will be making again for sure.
M4: Snack
Scrambled egg whites with steamed veggies and hemp hearts.
My delicious afternoon staple.
M5: Pre-workout
Chocolate quinoa pudding.
Not pictured, and only consumed on weight training days.
M6: Post-workout/ dinner
Tilapia served over a bed of brown rice with a salad of raw veggies and a scoop of yogurt.
The Greek yogurt mixed with the warm rice and crunchy veggies is heavenly!
M7: Snack (optional- but let’s be honest, I eat it every night!)
Greek yogurt mixed with a half a scoop of casein and strawberries.
Since running out of vanilla casein I have been using chocolate and it is just as delightfulJ
Recipes for all these meals will be up soon :)

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