Sunday, April 7, 2013

Four (4!!) Weeks Out! The Countdown is On! Beast Mode ON!!

Time flies! I officially started prepping for this upcoming show February with the intention of starting this blog at the same time and now I am four (4!!) weeks out and only got all this together last week. Where did the past 8 weeks go?

Four weeks out. This is when it gets real. Every day it is something new. My measurements aren’t changing drastically, but I can see and feel my body getting stronger and tighter. As of last week, I am also officially registered and confirmed for the NPAA BC Classic on Sunday, May 5. #forrealsies

My original goal was to compete in Fitness (for the first time), but I have really been struggling to gain muscle mass. After talking it through with my coach, I decided to also compete in the Bikini category to see where I fit better. Two for the price of one :)... well actually, not really. It costs extra to crossover.

Here’s a quick recap of how last week went:
Training: I’m loving my program right now. I’m lifting heavy (which I like!), with low reps and little cardio. I have 4 days weight, 3 days abs and 3 days cardio.  Cycling through these workouts has worked well in my schedule and it has been easy to balance and fit it all in. I’ve got one more week on this program before it gets switched up again. I am so excited to see what the final few weeks of training before the show will look like!

Food Plan: As I posted earlier, I revamped my food plan last week and everything worked out well. I was able to get in all the calories, fats, carbs, and protein and it all tasted great! No cravings, no cheats (even when confronted with two Easter dinners (complete with all the assorted Easter treats) and what looked to be a delicious potluck at work).

Challenges: Two of my goals last week were (1) to cut out all the extra cups of coffee I drink throughout the day (one in the morning and a decaf at night is enough) and (2) to consume all my food by 8pm. I faltered failed on both of these. Friday morning was… well, I wrote about Friday morning in my previous post and wanted that extra cup of coffee and a couple nights throughout the week I was eating my last meal of the day post-8pm. I tried my best and will be sticking to both resolutions this coming week.

Goals for this Week: In addition to keeping up with my other goals, I am adding in more posing practice! To do well in the show, I need to know how to pose my body and hold that pose in the most flattering and "natural" way. Hahaha. It's not as easy as it sounds. Especially for someone like me who usually tends to shy away from the spotlight. There will be no shying on May 5.
Okay, 28 days to go. Let’s do this! No doubts, no distractions, just pure dedication.


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