Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIAW and Waaaaaaa (That's Me, Crying)

It's Wednesday. Life has been cray-z for me lately, but I've been making the time to make some good eats. Here is some of what was on the menu for today:

M1: Porridge and egg whites topped with melted coconut oil... even though I've been eating this for weeks, I still look forward to it every morning. Every morning.

M2: Spinach, green bean, oat and egg bake. This was a little experiment based on a pancake recipe I made up during my last peak week. To make a lot all at once, I just threw all the ingredients in a pan and baked in the oven for 20 minutes. It turned out really good! Especially when warmed up in the toaster oven for a crispy top and then served with coconut oil on top. Seriously, good stuff.

M3: Warm spinach and tilapia salad with green beans and yams.

M4: Mixed bean and tuna salad with avocado, lemon juice and sriacha sauce. Similar to my what I was eating last week, but with the added beans for a bit more carbs :)

M5: Chicken and rice stir fry with mushrooms and green beans and some Braggs.

M6: Yogurt, vanilla casein and bananas. There is also a scoop of crunchy peanut butter underneath that all. I am seriously in love. Crunchy peanut butter!?! Have you tried it lately. I had forgotten how good it can be.

Also, for my pre-workout snacks, I am been making a little protein mug cake to eat on the way to the gym, but forget it at home today :( So, instead, I had to improvise and bought a Vega One Nutritional Shake which I mixed with coffee and water and had a couple of rice cakes to round it out. It was good, but I missed my chocolate cake.

So, that's the WIA, this is the waaaaaaa.... I hate change. I like structure, I like schedules and I like to know what's going on. And nothing, nothing, has been remotely like that this week. Over the weekend we moved out of our condo. The good news is that we sold it (yay!). The bad news is we haven't bought anything else (booooo). So, we moved in with my parents while we figure out what to buy. My only concern in all of this has been, but what about the gym?? I had a pretty good set up where I used to live. The gym was literally a block away and right next to the bus stop I got off at on my way home from work. It was easy and convenient. It was familiar. No excuses not to go. And, while I have complained time to time about the gym (like the TVs not working on all the cardio equipment, or the smell of old lady perfume, or the lack of some machines), I had it pretty good there. But, nothing lasts forever, and obviously, there are other options. One of those options was a temporary pass to another gym in my new neighborhood. Location wise it works out perfect (again, right near my (new) bus stop) and it is a big name, well known gym, so I was sure it would be filled with everything I could possibly want and need... and I am sure it is filled with everything I could possibly want and need- not that I would know. Walking into the new gym was actually quite intimidating. I was surprised at how nervous and awkward I felt in the new setting. I mean, I like the gym. I loooove the gym and I was excited to get at it in a new "play ground," but once in there, I was lost. Even with a little orientation, I still couldn't find what I was looking for (and a Smith machine can't hide) and I couldn't figure out the process for jumping on to machines. There were people (mostly men, which is unfamiliar for me) everywhere. Everywhere. Doing everything. Nothing was free. As much as I am ashamed to admit it, I scurried back over to the ladies only section and did what I could of my training program, improvising where I had to. I was shocked at my reaction and disappointed in myself for feeling this way. The gym had always been my sanctuary, my me time, and now I am not finding that at all.

Fortunately, my husband felt the same way, so on Tuesday we tried a different location. While it was a little better (and a little, a little, less crowded), it was still so overwhelming and slightly terrifying. I was able to find the pull up machine, and rep out 3 sets of 10 (whoo hoo!), but after that I couldn't find a bench for the life of me, let alone get on the cable machine, so, again, I scurried away- this time to the cardio area. After mulling it through over a 30 minutes serious sweat session, I pulled up my big girl panties and went back out there to get done what I came to do. I wasn't able to superset what I needed to, and I didn't follow the exact order of exercises I was supposed to, but I got it done. I got the space I needed, found the machines I was looking for, and was able to get through my routine.

Tonight, I was back at my old gym (yay!) surrounded by familiar faces and friends. It was awesome! It felt luxurious to have as much space as I did, and I didn't have to fight or stare down anyone to get it. I was back in my comfort zone. Unfortunately, this was only a one (but hopefully more) time fix. I'm going to have to get over myself and just make it happen in the other gyms. I'm out of my comfort zone, but I guess that's what this is all about, right?

In any case, up first is a trip to Napa!! Yay! Tomorrow I leave for a weekend filled with friends, fun, sun and wine :) It'll be a nice little reprieve and a chance to distress and relax- for once, a change that I like :)  



  1. I relate to your comments about being unfamiliar in a new workout/exercise space and how it can feel intimidating and, I, too, have always found it my sanctuary. The experience makes me reflect on how challenging and intimidating it can be for someone totally new to the space who is truly taking a big step in initiating and introducing exercise or active living into their lives for the first time. Reflecting on this gives me courage to enter spaces that are totally new to me and to push myself further in new and different areas. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thank Joanna! Yeah, experiencing this has made me much more aware of how people new to training or the gym must feel. I'd been going to the same gym for years and was soooo comfortable with my routine and the people there that I kinda forgot how overwhelming it must be just stepping into a new space, let alone trying to figure it all out. It was a good exercise in pushing past my comfort level and just doing what needed to be done.