Tuesday, June 4, 2013

IDFA Show Recap

This past weekend was the IDFA BC Classic, my second show of the season. I was pumped, prepped and all in pink! Here are a couple post-hair and make-up back stage pics:

This time there were 5 Team Blessed Bodies girls competing. Yay Team Blessed Bodies! I heart these girls. Here are a few shots of us hanging out throughout the day.

In this show, I was entered into only one category- Novice Fitness Model. So, when it was my time, I went out, posed and did my T-walk and quarter turns like nobody’s business. Here are some professional stage shots:

Did I feel nervous? Yes! Between the nerves and adrenaline, I was shaking the pretty much the entire time but tried my best to stay focused and kept on smiling, and posing, and smiling and posing. During the judging round I got first call out (which usually means top 5) and felt good when I left the stage. It all happened so fast. Then it’s a waiting game. After a few more hours (spent backstage, chatting, sipping water and eating our clean meals- no treats yet!), it was the awards round. After one more time on stage to do a couple poses, the top five of my group was announced. I made the cut! From there, the placings are announced, and I received… fourth, and a medal J A pink medal that matched my bikini :) 
Did I expect to do better? Yes. Did I want to do better? Yes. Did I still ‘win’? Yes.  Of course placing first would be a ‘win,’ but there is sooooo much more to get out of all of this and whether or not I walk off stage with first place or last place, I am still leaving a winner (ugh, this is the cliché/ quote things I was talking about in my other post). Throughout this competition prep process I have learned more about training and nutrition and what works best for me, I have made new friends at the gym, I have been inspired and have inspired others, and I have learned to prioritize, set goals and work towards while balancing work and the rest of life. Most importantly I have awakened a passion for health and fitness and am excited to see where it takes me. Speaking of which…

Plans for the next few months do not include any more competitions. I flirted with the idea of doing the WBFF show in Vancouver on July 13, but just don’t have the time and focus to work toward that right now. When I step on to the WBFF stage for the first time, I want to bring my BEST and nothing less.  Between a bachelorette party in Napa, a weekend wedding away and a big move all before the end of this month, I just cannot commit to and enjoy prepping for this show. Instead, I will be focusing on maintaining where I am at, building some more muscle, and finding some balance. I will also be heading to Vegas in August for a photo shoot and to watch my teammates compete in the WBFF Worlds, which also give me a little incentive to keep at it every day. Beyond that, I’m considering my options.   

But, in the meantime, I am starting my post-competition journey with many treats. Post-show treats have included lots of chocolate (candy, cookies and cakes- no joke- all three!), pizza and a trip to Menchies (I may have started a post-show tradition). All of it shared with some of my biggest suporters- my husband and mom and dad J

Despite overdosing on treats for the first 24 hours post-competition, I did get right back into my training schedule Monday morning, hitting the gym first thing and going for a run down to the beach… and then to the sushi restaurant for a delicious lunch… and then to Cielo’s for dinner where I was reunited with my lover- the bruschetta.

Today, it was right back on the food plan. I have already planned and prepped my meals for the week and am excited by what I’ve made for my breakfasts! It’s a combo of two of my favorite recipes- the crockpot porridge and the zucchini pancakes cakes. Um, yep, it’s the best of both worlds J

So here’s to kicking off maintenance season and living the 365 lifestyle.



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