Monday, February 17, 2014

New Year, New Post (Finally!)

Absence makes the heart grow fonder?? Right? Right? Ha ha ha. I hope so. While consistency has found a place in my daily fitness and food routine (yay for 365!), it certainly hasn’t found a place here yet. Yikes!

It’s now the middle of February (!!) and I find myself back ON SEASON! Whoo hoo! Not that I was taking it easy during my “off season.” Over the past few months, since my last post, I have moved (I absolutely loooooathe packing and unpacking- but love where I am living!), kept up with all my training, did a photo shoot with Mark Bradfield (love him and Sarah!), created an athlete Facebook page (come join!), and filmed a fitness DVD (fun!). My birthday, Christmas and New Year’s Eve also happened somewhere in there too. And, while I kept up with my program for the most part, there were definitely a lot of treats, rest and relaxation as well. I pretty much just hibernated during the Christmas holidays and it was fabulous.
The past few months in pictures :)
The new hood!

The new hood!
Me with Sarah Shea Smith and Mark Bradfield after a long and fun shoot!
My new Facebook page :) Check in out for meal plans, recipes, music and motivation!
On set of the filming the fitness DVD to be released this Spring!
Oh, and I also appeared in a fitness magazine for the first time too! 

My mini-profile in the Feb/ Mar 2014 issue of Inside Fitness.

And on a poster!

Happy to promote such a great organization!

So that pretty much brings me to today. As of February 16 (yes, conveniently selected to be just after Valentine’s Day and all the chocolate!) I am back on-season and training for an upcoming shoot and show. So, what does that mean? On season? For me, that means sticking to my food plan 100% (that is keeping it clean, keeping it within my macros (that is making sure I meet and don’t exceed all my calories, fats, proteins and carbs each day) and balancing each meal to keep my metabolism revved), getting all my training in exactly as my coach lays out (no short cuts- every rep counts!), drinking all my water, and NO alcohol and NO “treats.” Sounds tough, but I am so EXCITED! So excited! Excited to do it and excited for what’s to come. The countdown starts now! Eight weeks out!! #beastmodeon

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